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Homemade Baked Goods & Cakes

Indigo Bundting is an experimental bakery in Chapel Hill, NC.

You make requests, we practice baking them.
You get to enjoy the results!
Any extras get distributed via raffle to our email subscribers.

Donations are welcome but not required.

What is Indigo Bundting?

Indigo Bundting was created as a vehicle for trying new baking techniques and distributing the results to the local community (so that we don't eat them all ourselves) in Chapel Hill, NC.

Baking is our little hobby, so you might think of us as a part-time experimental bakery in Chapel Hill. We are improvising as we go. Sometimes we'll take requests; other times we will just try something new and raffle off the extras to our email subscribers.


Either way, we're making a bunch of yummy stuff and everyone gets to enjoy it.


Our story

Indigo Bundting is the half-baked (get it?) brainchild of Dr. Lauren Schiff, a practicing physician and surgeon based in Chapel Hill, NC.

Like many of us, Dr. Schiff found herself taking up unexpected hobbies during the pandemic — including identifying the birds in her backyard and watching The Great British Baking Show (on repeat, every night, for three years). One night, she had an epiphany: why not see how far she could take her own baking skills? After all, she had already made a name for herself through her maximalist cake creations for her children's birthdays.

Soon enough, she was baking pies, tortes, upside down cakes, cookies, cupcakes, bundts, and more. When she realized it wasn't feasible or healthy to keep piles of baked goods in her house, Indigo Bundting was born.


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